“Country, psychedelia and classical don’t typically mix, but Seattle band Evening Bell blend the seemingly disparate genres with ease. That ease is on full display on their forthcoming debut Dying Stars.” – BRITTNEY McKENNA, American Songwriter 

“Perhaps you could sweep Seattle’s Evening Bell under that pesky, catch-all rug known as Americana. But that wouldn’t even begin to cover the unique, bizarre, utterly engaging mélange of influences that principal songwriters Caitlin Sherman and Hart Kingsbery bring to the band’s debut, Dying Stars.”  Elmore Magazine 

“Dark country grounded in psychedelic classic rock. Also, Caitlin Sherman, one of Evening Bell’s main singer/songwriters, brings her fascination of film composition to the songs, giving them this grand and majestic cinematic quality.” – If It’s Too Loud 

Saloon-ready twangy guitar and piano phrases that give off serious western/desert vibes may not be what you would expect to hear supplemented with subtly kaleidoscopic effects and beautifully-married dual vocal melodies (like you might find on the more drug-addled Beatles records), but every aspect of Evening Bell’s music is perfectly realized, and is performed with elegance and extreme attention to detail.”  Northwest Music Scene

“Evening Bell: Lynchian Americana. Whiskeytown as the house band at a Twin Peaks dive bar. Good for dancin’, or standing slack-jawed in awe.” – SEAN JEWEL, American Standard Time

“Evening Bell is Ballard honky-tonker Davidson Hart Kingsbery’s twangy new venture with pianist Caitlin Sherman. Together with drummer Jason Merculief, the group perform classic country duets that sound something like Tammy and George dubbed over the soundtrack to a Sergio Leone spaghetti western.” AMERICAN STANDARD TIME

“Evening Bell is Ballard honky-tonker Davidson Hart Kingsbery’s new project with pianist Caitlin Sherman. The two perform tender Americana-rooted duets with a slightly haunted edge that recall the dusty barrooms of the vintage country era. Think Gram Parsons meets Tom Waits with a feminine touch. Great stuff.” GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT, Seattle Weekly

“Caitlin Sherman is more than a sultry voice. With a storyteller’s eye for detail, she paints a vivid portrait over a backdrop of steel guitar and piano on this barroom ballad from Evening Bell’s debut LP.” JONATHAN ZWICKEL, City Arts Magazine